What’s Good about the School System in the UK

While private schools are not something exclusive to the United Kingdom, it is the UK from all countries that is worldwide known for its rather large number of excellent private schools. In fact, many people from all over the world are sending their children to schools in the UK due to their great reputation.

For families in the United Kingdom, this availability of excellent privately  operated schools  along with a good number of renowned prep schools can have significant advantages.

Why Families Choose to Send Their Children to Prep Schools

A recent study conducted in the United Kingdom asked parents for their reasons why they sent their children to a private school or prep school.

The obvious reasons most often given had been that such a school can help the children to obtain much better grades as compared to those in public schools. And in stating so, the parents were actually right if one considers the statistics about the educational background of high earning professionals in United Kingdom. Fat majority of them does indeed have a background in the U.K.’s private schools.

But better grades, even if their most prominent reason given for a prep school, is only one of the reasons given by parents.

More than half of the prep schools in the United Kingdom are single gender schools. Surprisingly, a good number of parents considered sending their children to a single gender school as yet another benefit of a prep school although whether mixed gender schools such as can be the case in the U.K.’s public school system would indeed pose a disadvantage certainly remains to debate.

In addition to the U.K.’s privately operated schools, true prep schools and boarding schools have the additional advantage to take some burdens of children’s parents. In a time where it is not uncommon that both parents need to work, a prep school like the prep school Hertfordshire or other reputable prep school in the UK can ensure that children are well taken care of at all times and not only when it comes to better education standards.

The bottom line is that a good private or prep school in the UK can help children to grow up as well-educated and responsible adults.